In an English village,

In the smallest pub,

Lives the tiniest dragon,

Who prepares gastropub grub.

Using his flames to heat the pans,

And his minute wings to fan the flames,

Wilson the Welsh dragon,

Keeps his kitchen the best in the game.

No one knows when he started,

Or when he’ll end.

All they know is:

You can’t beat his Beef Wellington.

This is the tale of Wilson,

Who has but one wish,

That if you are near the Drake Inn,

Stop by for a plate of his famous chips and fish.

These words still ring in my head, three years on.

The situation? A pitch for an upcoming campaign for a well-known and loved savoury spread.

My team — after spending weeks conceptualising and finalising a content and media strategy — sit in silence, not sure if we’ve done our jobs…

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have been in existence for a while now, but the explosion of a market built around these digital collectibles is unprecedented.

‘Bubble’ is a term that has been thrown around by marketers and analysts, especially after a compilation of Beeple’s artworks sold for $69 million! However, I wouldn’t be so hasty. The very nature of the technology is scarcity, making NFTs a viable purchase if you’re looking to own a piece of the digital future.

With that said, as with any purchase, do your research!

Platforms like VeVe and OpenSea have been created to give anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of digital possessions a fairly smooth ocean to navigate. So, start exploring!

An important time in every South African’s life is when they go on their first hunting trip with their father. …

The first tribes of Africa spoke of a legendary beast. An animal so powerful, it overcame death itself. The legend has it that the tribe was starving, a drought like they had never experienced before had hit them terribly. The grass as yellow as the sun and the red sands…

The BIGGEST little film of 2019 delivers all the delectably dangerous dinosaur action we didn’t even know we needed with a tightly intense 8-minute thrill ride of cinematic class.

If you haven’t seen the first ever live-action short film in the Jurassic Park franchise yet, do! It’ll probably take you…

146 BC.

How did it come to this?

General Diaeus stands surrounded by 15,000 of Achaea’s finest warriors, feeling more alone than he has ever felt before. The field in front of him, soon to be reddened with Roman and Greek blood, looks as though it has accepted its fate…

Your first thought will probably be: because they’re cool, right? They’re giant, monstrous animals which roar and bite and destroy things! YEAH!!!

Not quite my angle.

Like most kids who grew up in the 90s, I came of age in a world saturated with dinosaur-related content. Shows like Extreme Dinosaurs…

Earlier this week, one of my favourite tweeps, Nick Frost, drew my attention to a site ominously called “The Most Dangerous Writing App.”

I clicked the link, and was welcomed by the following homepage:

Seemed simple enough. I clicked “Start Writing”…

One day when I was a child I thought…

I Ditched The Pick!

I fought the rut and I won…

As a gigging guitarist for more than 8 years now, I’ve had my fair share of artistic speed humps, but recently I’ve been experiencing my worst yet.

It felt as though my creative flow was blocked by some evil…

Matthew Rudd

Writer, musician and dinosaur rights activist. Fairly proficient at the last two.

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